Go online as easy as ABC

FORYOU is a consolidated marketplace and online platform
that connects merchants to customers. This online and mobile commerce solution makes it
simple for merchants to kick start selling their products and services
within 24 hours of registering with FORYOU; enabling them to
deliver the ultimate online shopping experience to their customers.
FORYOU has all the latest features built in as well as a user-friendly interface
to suit the needs of all merchants and customers.


FORYOU connects products & buyers at local or global distances.


FORYOU's interface is designed for humans and lets merchants and shoppers access products easily.


FORYOU hosts a variety of e-stores with attractive aesthetics.


FORYOU optimizes logistics fulfillment for a fuss-free experience from order to delivery.

Make the best choice FORYOU

Fast Setup

The e-commerce wave has spread
beyond the mega vendors in US and China.
Now businesses everywhere,
of every size and industry are going online.
Don’t be left behind.
FOR YOU propels your business to the
Internet in just 30 minutes.


Behind a beautiful and functional
website, there are hidden motors and gears
hard at work making everything happen.
FORYOU facilitates the technology
behind-the-scenes including
payment gateway to let you start
selling within just one day.


Businesses can no longer rely on traditional
word-of-mouth marketing methods
in the new online era.
FORYOU allows you to leverage on a
marketing database of millions,
including email and social media,
for more effective word-of-click marketing.

Loyalty & Data

Stiff competition means you can’t just
let your products speak for themselves.
Go the extra mile with FORYOU
and encourage continued patronage with
a loyalty reward feature for your customers.
A data analytics feature lets you identify
patterns in spending to refine your
sales strategies.

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